A Whale Of A Time

Sunday, July 26 2015   Sun, sea and seven whales!

Sunday 6am and I’m far too excited to stay in bed as, just like the previous Sunday, we are off to see the whales.  The difference this Sunday is that its a gloriously sunny, warm breezy morning unlike the previous Sunday when it was an Arctic freeze your bum off experience which thank Neptune for his 2.5 metre high waves (yikes) which got that trip cancelled.

‘Whale One’ at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland set off at 9am and by 1pm we had met 7 humpback whales, 2 of which were calves ( or as I prefer to anthropomorphise – babywhales called Wilber and Wallace) and numerous dolphins.  Mum whale appeared to be teaching junior to tail slap which they did in synchrony 20 times to the delight of a boatload of viewers.  This was followed by 3 adult whales and a baby who swam up together towards the boat stopping just short of scaring the hell out of us. The best part was when one of the babies became curious about the noise we made to attract his attention (woohoooo!!) and came up to the side of the boat in the sunshine dappled waves and watched us watching him – real interaction which made my heart beat very fast – could he hear it? He makes me smile just thinking of his little whale face.